Is Abiotic Oil real or is this article bunk?

Question by geoweeg: Is Abiotic Oil real or is this article bunk?
I’m an environmental geologist, so I can talk about contaminated water all day, but I don’t know anything about the genesis of oil from fossils after what we covered in Paleo and Strat/Sed.

Read this article.

It’s an interesting read, and at least for me, brings into question the formation process of fossil fuels.

Let me know what you think.

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Answer by benthic_man
That was absolutely an interesting read, but it seems to only loosely suggest new directions of inquiry. My background is in Biology, although I do work in the oil industry. What occurs to me is that this is not very different than the arguments posed in dealing with Evolutionary theory. We have lots of practical suggestions that it’s real, we have lots of partial proofs, and we have some stepwise-progression descriptions, but we can’t prove evolution, either, which in no way diminishes its’ value as a theory.

Just a thought to muddy the waters further. Great article!

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